Dear Visitor,

I’m very sorry to tell you that any information on Wang Zongyue’s Taijiquan Lun will be available in German only. You might, however, decide to work with the Chinese text, looking up the characters in a Chinese dictionary. It’s one of the rules of working with foreign-language texts that we must try to make sense of them in our own native tongue. As this project aims at putting the classic text in relation to personal experience, translating my interpretation of the Chinese words based on my experience would be pointless. You’ll have to discover the way your own experience of the movements in your practice relates to the Taijiquan Lun. And maybe you’ll be inspired to start a similar project in your own language.

I hope you’ll continue to enjoy practicing Taijiquan and studying Chinese philosophy or whatever brought you to this website.

This is where you’ll find the Chinese text of the Taijiquan Lun. Regarding my German posts, the excerpts taken from the Chinese dictionary and the explanations regarding Chinese terms that are a combination of two or more characters might be of special interest for you, as well.